Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training

Posted on 04 January 2011 in Affiliate Marketing by Ronald Allan Marva, Affiliate
Whether you're a blogger/online publisher looking to monetize your content or a business seeking additional sources of revenue, affiliate marketing is the answer. This lucrative practice is revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations generate revenue online. Many affiliates earn upwards of six figures, with the most successful among them netting more than $1 million a year. Forrester Research predicts double-digit growth for U.S. affiliate marketing over the coming years, with annual spend estimated to reach $4 billion by 2014. Take advantage of the affiliate boom and claim your share!

I recommend you check out University of San Francisco Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training. From creating compelling content and placing tracking code to promoting your efforts and driving traffic, Advanced Affiliate Marketing reveals everything you need to know to generate additional income through online publishing or an existing corporate website. This eight-week advanced specialized certificate course also covers critical legal and ethical considerations and profitable best practices. But what truly makes this program unique is the extraordinary caliber of USF's online faculty, which includes super-affiliates who share valuable insider secrets and best practices to maximize your success!

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John Niezgoda (Affiliate) said:

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12 February 2011

FRANS affanet (Affiliate) said:

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07 February 2011

Nathan Thomas (Affiliate) said:

Is there a way to get to build a list of 1 million over night. And is anyone looking to trade links. Nathan Thomas,

20 January 2011

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