AffCon 2010 Miami

Posted on 06 December 2010 in Affiliate Marketing by Ronald Allan Marva, Affiliate

AffCon is happening this coming December 8-10 in Miami, Florida. The AffCon 2010 Miami is one of the largest trade shows and conferences for the affiliate marketing industry. Attending affiliate conventions and gatherings is definitely a fruitful practice for netrepreneurs as they get to meet industry experts and explore opportunities with participating sponsors and exhibitors.

This coming Affcon promises to be an advanced event that covers some of the most up to date forms of marketing and technologies for successful website promotion. I expect that a diverse group will attend the conference. When attending such event, I am always looking for opportunities to press the flesh of affiliate managers and super affiliates.

The best thing for affiliates in this convention is that they can participate for FREE! This is your conference and this was made for you. Other events charge USD $500 to USD $2000 per affiliate to attend. So this is a great value considering the benefits you stand to reap by attending the event.

This year I attended the Affiliate Convention in Las Vegas and Linkshare Symposium in San Francisco. I can attest to the great deal of advantages these events brought to my career in affiliate marketing. I am sure this coming event will be bring you hundredfold rewards if you can make it in Miami.

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