101 Wordpress Plugins That You May Not Have

Posted on 07 April 2008 in Webmasters and Web Tools by Adrian Rosulescu, Affiliate

1. Akismet - Akismet is a spam filter for your comments. It does a great job and blocks nearly 100% of the spam comments here at One Man’s Goal.

2. WP Database Back-up - I recommend that everyone back-up their blog’s at least once a month. With this plug-in it couldn’t be easier to do this. If you get hacked, have server issues, or just botch something when you are trying to customize, all of your data is easily recovered.

3. Permalink Redirect - Did you start your blog with bad permalink structure? If so, just use this plug-in so that you can change your permalink structure without having to lose the search engine rankings of the old posts.

4. Popularity Conest - This plugin will help you see which of your posts are most popular. Views, comments, etc. are tracked and you can configure the settings in any way you desire to show which of your posts are most popular.


5. Wp-Contact Form - This plugin gives you the ability to post a contact form anywhere you’d like on your wordpress blog with one simple snippet of code. This is handy so that people can contact you without you actually having to post your email address for spammers to harvest.

6. Subscribe to Comments - Ever post a comment on someone’s blog and you were curious to see if anyone replied? Ever forgot which blog you posted the comment on? This plugin allows you to subscribe to comments for that particular thread. It will send you any responses to your comment via email.

7. Related Posts - This allows you to posts links at the end of your articles to archived posts that may be relevant. It decides what is relevant by tagging your posts or choosing to just pull from a relevant archive category.

8. Time Zone - Have you ever noticed that even though you’ve selected the right time zone, Wordpress is still an hour off? That’s because Wordpress doesn’t recognize DST (daylight savings time). This plugin fixes that.

9. Gravatars - This plugin allows commenters to upload a picture to the Gravatars website, and this picture will appear next to their name when they post a comment on blogs that allow gravatars. Great plugin… I’m getting ready to try this one out!

10. Ultimate Tag Warrior - Allows you to tag your posts so that sites like Technorati have an easier time indexing them. Could potentially bring a lot of visitors!

11. Adsense-Deluxe - AdSense-Deluxe is a WordPress plugin offering advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts.

12. Pod Press - Are you a podcaster? Pod Press makes it really easy to post your podcasts, and even includes an in-line media player.

13. WP-Notable - This plugin includes links and pictures to major social bookmarking sits such as del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Newsvine, and Digg. It includes these links at the bottom of every post, making it easy to submit your articles.

14. Get Recent Comments - I have this plugin in my sidebar. It allows you to show your most recent comments in a widget so that others can check it out.

15. WP-Cache - Stores a cache file of your Wordpress blog so that it loads faster.

16. Super Archive - Implements a dynamic archive of your old posts. Tough to explain, but a pretty awesome plugin.

17. flickrRSS - Integrates photo’s from a flickr RSS feed so that you can show flickr photo’s on your website.

18. Update Manager - Checks for updates for all of your existing Wordpress Plugins.

19. WYSIWYG Plugin - Makes your write/edit screen an advanced WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Makes for easy formatting of posts. Great plugin.

20. Bankroll - Allows advertisers to buy ads on your site directly from you. This plugin allows you to bypass services like Text Link Ads that take a cut of your profits.

21. Buy Me A Beer Plugin - This plugin allows people to buy you a virtual beer by sending money to you electronically.

22. Paypal Donate - Similar to the Buy Me A Beer Plugin, only without the beer.

23. One Year Ago - Shows posts that were written one year ago.

24. Comment Relish - Sends a thank you email to first time commenters.

25. Show Top Commenters - Adds a widget to your sidebar to show who leaves the most comments on your blog. You can set it to clear daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

26. Threaded Comments - Allows users to respond to each others comments directly under the comment they are referring to. Sort of like a forum thread in the comment section.

27. Math Problem Spam Protection - This plugin makes users answer a simple math problem to prove they are human and not computerized spammers.

28. Link Love Plugin - This plugin removes the rel=”nofollow” tag from comments after a user has commented on your blog 10 times. You can adjust this to as many times as needed. Great for those who follow do-follow bloglists just for the links.

29. Trackbackers - This plugin is like the “top commenters” plugin only it shows the “top trackbackers”. Basically the more times people link to you, the higher they are on your list. Completely customizable.

30. Batch Image Uploader - Allows you to upload multiple images at once.

31. WP-User Online - Shows how many users are on your blog at any given time. Similar to what you might see on a forum.

32. WP-Polls - Allows you to seamlessly integrate polls into the sidebar of your Wordpress blog.

33. In Series Plugin - This plugin allows you to link posts together to form a series of related articles.

34. Landing Sites - This plugin detects search engine traffic and directs it to other posts that might be on topic for whatever they are searching for.

35. All-in-One SEO Pack - A must have plugin for any moneyblogger. SEO pack allows you to add keywords and a description to your post so that it fares better with search engines. The description is useful so that you can describe your posts rather than the search engines just using the first couple of sentences from your post.

36. Feed Footer - Allows you to customize your RSS feed by adding a copyright notice, rotating banner ads, and enables you to show HTML in your RSS footers.

37. Robots.TXT - Allows you to easily add a robots.txt file to your template for easy searching from search engine spiders.

38. Feedburner Feedsmith - Forwards all Wordpress feed entry clicks to your feedburner feed.

39. Ultimate Google Analytics - This plugin allows you to easily integrate Google Analytics without dealing with the source code.

40. Live Wordpress - Allows you to check out your visitors every move while they are on your site.

41. WP-Ultimate Gamers Pack - Allows gamers with wi-fi access to view your site from their PSP, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo Wii.

42. Feedburner Standard Stats - Installs the Feed Flare script on your Wordpress blog so that Feedburner can track your statistics.

43. Image Manager Plugin - Allows you to upload, crop, rotate, and re-size images from your Wordpress Admin panel.

44. Got Banners - Allows you to rotate your banner advertisements so that your readers don’t get “ad blind”.

45. Homepage Excerpts - Allows you to post excerpts of your posts rather than full text on all pages except for the homepage. Makes for easy archiving of old posts.

46. Instant Upgrade Plugin - This plugin allows for a one click update to the newest version of Wordpress.

47. Add Related Posts to Feed - Adds related posts to your RSS feed. Similar to the Related Posts plugin, only for your RSS feed.

48. Author Adsense Plugin - For blogs with multiple authors - this plugin allows you to post adsense ads that are from different adsense accounts. For example, if author “A” posts he gets the adsense profit and uses adsense ads from his account… the same for author “B” and so on.

49. Countdown Timer - Plugin that allows you to create your very own countdown timers. Easily configurable, and works in your sidebar.

50. Do-Follow - Removes the re=”nofollow” tags from comments. This allows links left within a comment to be counted as an incoming link by search engines and Technorati.

51. Super Edit - This plugin allows you to push a button on the “write” screen to use a full screen version of the text box. Writing in full-screen mode is much nicer.

52. Full Text Feed - A plugin that allows your RSS feed to show up as full text even if you use the <!–more–> tag in your posts.

53. No WWW - This plugin won’t allow users to visit the WWW version of your site. Instead it redirects them to the non-www version, which eliminates the chances of being double indexed.

54. Subscribe Remind - Inserts text and a link at the bottom of every post reminding readers to subscribe to your RSS feed.

55. About Me Widget - This plugin allows you to create an easy “about me” section in your sidebar.

56. Yahoo Messenger Online Status - Allows your viewers to see if you are online.

57. Category Excluder - Allows you to make some categories private so that readers can’t see them.

58. Webcam Comments - Allows users to create audio and video comments.

59. Blogroll Auto Linker - Creates a link in your posts anytime you use a name from your blogroll.

60. Front Page Excluded Categories - Allows you to exclude certain categories from your homepage.

61. Post Notification - Sends an email alerting everyone in your database about new posts.

62. On This Day - Links to post which share the same calender date.

63. NAVT - A Wordpress navigation tool that allows you to customize your Wordpress navigation links.

64. Simple Graph - Allows you to create graphs for your sidebar or posts.

65. Word Tube - A media center plugin for Wordpress blogs. Allows you to display media files.

66. DMS Guestbook - Creates a guestbook for your blog.

67. Semi-Secure Login - Increases the security of your Wordpress blog by using a better encryption.

68. New Posts Pop-up - A plugin that displays a pop-up window above the fold to show recent posts and comments.

69. De-link Comment Author - Allows you to remove the link from a comment authors name without removing the entire comment.

70. Shashin - A plugin that allows you to display Picassa images anywhere in your posts.

71. Upload Plus - Allows you to upload photo’s inside of the admin panel and customize their display names.

73. Thumbnails Manager - Allows you to manage your thumbnailed images inside the admin panel.

74. Mini-Slides - Allows you to create a minimalistic slideshow from your uploaded images.

75. SPS Suite - Organizes and manages your “static” pages.

76. Find Us - A plugin that integrates Google Maps into your Wordpress Blog.

77. DBD Footprints - Allows you to track visitors from the admin panel of your blog. Easily customizable.

78. Adman - Lets you insert Adsense code before or in the middle of your posts.

79. Ad Wrap - Uses section targeting to try and get relevant ads from Adsense.

80. Book Cover - Uses ISBN to show the actual cover of whatever book you are writing about. A pretty nifty plugin.

81. Disclosure Policy Plugin - Allows you to disclose your policies as a blogger. For example, I won’t write a sponsored review without telling my readers that it’s a paid post. This plugin makes it easy to create and display your blog’s policies.

82. WP Footnotes - Easily create footnotes at the bottom of your posts.

83. Sexy Comments - Uses forum like styling for your comment section. A great way to liven up the comment field.

84. WP Table - Easily create and insert tables for your blog posts.

85. Members Only - Only makes your posts viewable to members that are logged in. Everyone else is denied.

86. Order Posts - Allows you to put your posts in any order you’d like. Great for those who don’t want their posts appearing chronologically.

87. AWSOM - This plugin displays an announcement or featured post above all of your other posts. It’s easily editable and stays on top for as long as you’d like.

88. Random Posts - This widget displays links to random posts in your archives. There is no method, just randomness.

89. KB Linker - Links to phrases that you specify. For example, everytime you mention McDonalds it would link to McDonalds.Com.

90. Flickr Tips - Shows a pop-up thumbnail image everytime you mouseover a link to a flickr image.

91. FeedStats - Simple statistics for RSS.

92. Bot Tracker - Allows you to track search engine bots and spiders when the crawl your page.

93. Post Teaser - Creates a snipper or “teaser” of your post before prompting users to click a link to read more.

94. Running Time - Shows how long your blog has been live. Displays days, weeks, months, and years.

95. Workout Log - A workout log plugin for your blog. Tracks your workouts and allows you to share them with friends.

96. Google Pagerank Plugin - Displays your Google PageRank.

97. Alexa Ranking - Displays your Alexa ranking in your sidebar.

98. Add To Any Bookmark Button - A plugin that allows users to bookmark your posts using the most popular bookmarking sites.

99. Cricket Moods - Shows your blog readers what kind of mood you are in by using a smiley.

100. WP Definitions - By including the [[definition]] tag in your post, it will allow you to define the term at the bottom. All definitions that you use will only have to be defined once, and then they are stored in a database for future use.

101. Author Complete Post List - For blogs with multiple authors, this plugin allows you to show a complete list of posts written by a specific author.



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Wordpress Plugins improve the look and estetics of wordpress blogs. Knowing which plugins to choose can be tricky and confusing - until this article. Thanks for taking the pains to select the best of the best wordpress plugins.

07 September 2009

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