Lea Loren Affiliate Program

Posted on 08 May 2011 in Affiliate Programs by Michael Sohr , Merchant

You’d like to make money with your website and are looking for a potent affiliate?

Then join the affiliate program of Lea Loren Jewelry’s onlinestore. In cooperation with our affiliate marketing associate AffiliateBot.com we set up this affiliate program for you.

Interested? Join today, it's free!

Your advantages by joining the affiliate program of Lea Loren Jewelry:

- Become a Lea Loren Jewelry associate without risks and costs
- Benefit from the strong brand and an attractive assortment
- Equitable commission (15% per sale)
- Transaction via a noncommitted affiliate network
- Access to significant online statistics anytime
- Automatically commission calculation
- Child’s play embedding of advertising material into your website

In just a few steps to the affiliate program:

- register on the network (AffiliateBot.com)
- apply at Lea Loren-Jewelry
- place advertising material on your website

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